Code of Ethics

Our principles

Respect for life and human beings, integrity, truth, honesty, justice, equity, organizational loyalty, responsibility, zeal, merit, transparency, legality, impersonality and consistency between the speech and practice are our ethical principles. As well as, expressing respect for differences and diversities of ethnic, religious, social, cultural, linguistic, political, aesthetic, age, physical, mental and psychological condition, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and others.

Respect for life in all its forms, manifestations and situations is the fundamental ethical principle and guides care for the quality of life, health, the environment and safety at Salvage and its customers and partners.

Transparency is manifested as respect for all interested parties and is carried out in a manner compatible with personal privacy rights and applicable information security policies.

Legality and impersonality are constitutional principles that preserve the legal order and determine the distinction between personal and professional interests in Salvage’s sectors.

Salvage is committed to respecting and valuing people in their diversity and dignity, in fair working relationships, in a healthy environment, with mutual trust, cooperation and solidarity.

Salvage acts proactively in search of increasing levels of competitiveness, excellence and profitability, with social and environmental responsibility, contributing to the sustainable development of Brazil and the countries where it operates.

Salvage strives for excellence in quality, safety, environment, health and human resources, and for this it will always be able to contribute with the education, training and commitment of its employees.

Salvage recognizes and respects the legal, social and cultural particularities of the different environments, regions and countries in which it operates, always adopting the criterion of maximum realization of rights, compliance with the law, rules and internal procedures.

Our commitments

In the exercise of Corporate Governance, we commit to: 

  • Ensure that all customers are treated equally;
  • Conduct business with transparency and integrity, cultivating credibility with its customers, employees, suppliers, government, business partners, press, communities where it operates and society in general, seeking to maximize growth and profitability with social and environmental responsibility;
  • Encourage all internal and external stakeholders to disseminate the ethical principles and conduct commitments expressed in this Code of Ethics, as appropriate;
  • Maintain a relationship with its competitors based on the principles of honesty and respect;
  • Promote honest and fair dealings, without gaining undue advantages through manipulation, use of privileged information and other artifices of this nature;

In the relationship with our employees, we are committed to:

  • Promote working conditions that provide a balance between the professional, personal and family life of all employees;
  • Ensure safety and health at work, providing all the necessary conditions and resources;
  • Be open to listening to receive and process suggestions, aiming to improve internal management processes;
  • Ensure the availability and transparency of information that affects its employees, preserving the privacy rights in the handling of health, functional and personal information pertaining to them;
  • Recognize the right, respect and value their participation in unions and not practice any type of negative discrimination in relation to the employees that do not belong to any union;
  • Ensure the right of refusal of its employees, accepting the suspension of their activities, after having taken corrective measures and communicated the fact immediately to their hierarchical superior, in case there is a situation of serious and imminent risk to their life or physical integrity and/ or from their co-workers;
  • Respect and promote diversity and fight all forms of prejudice and discrimination;
  • Promote equal opportunities for all employees, in all policies, practices and procedures, ensuring the continuity of processes and activities;
  • Ensure labor and social rights to all the employees.

In customer relations, our employees are commited to:

  • Fulfill with the maximum effort, technical quality and assiduity the obligations of your employment contract, take advantage of permanent training opportunities, systematically evaluate and learn from your own or others’ mistakes and successes;
  • Act in an honest, fair, dignified, courteous manner, with availability and attention to all the people with whom you relate, internally and externally, respecting any individual differences;
  • Properly use communication channels to express opinions, suggestions, complaints and criticisms, engaging in the continuous improvement of Salvage’s processes and procedures;
  • Do not engage in any activity that conflicts with Salvage’s interests and communicate to the Management any situation that constitutes an apparent or potential conflict of interest;
  • Keep confidential strategic information and information relating to relevant acts or facts not yet disclosed to the market, to which they have had access, as well as ensuring that others do so, except when authorized or required by law;
  • Ensuring the proper use of Salvage’s material and intangible assets and that of its clients, serving its legitimate purpose, including to preserve the image and reputation of the companies that comprise it and not using it to obtain any type of personal advantage;
  • Do not request, obtain or receive, for yourself or for third parties, nor promise, offer or give undue advantages arising from their function or position at Salvage;
  • Not practice or submit to acts of prejudice, discrimination, threats, blackmail, false testimony, moral harassment, sexual harassment or any other act contrary to the principles and commitments of this Code of Ethics, and immediately report the transgressors;
  • Respect intellectual property and recognize the merits related to work developed by colleagues, regardless of their hierarchical position;
  • Cultivate a personal appearance and clothing compatible with the institutional and cultural environment in which they operate.

August/2021 Rev.00